Building a new home? Are you overwhelmed or struggling to manage resources such as consultants, contractors, and vendors?

We proudly say that we are introducing a new concept called ‘Residential Building Consulting’ for the very first time in Kerala. We can help you from the very stage of conceptualizing your plan to the finished product – your home.  We have some of the best people working with us – architect, consultants, contractors, make affordable and quality homes.

Once we come onboard, you will remain fully informed about the processes and time given to take major decisions for the project. With 27 years of experience in the construction industry, we know your pain and worries. The huge advantage of our experience? The cost benefits that we offer!

Experience the joy of building your home without the hassles, frustrations, time and budget constraints. Let your homes and hearts sparkle with our service!

Our Services can include

  • Onsite visit
  • A review of your projects wants and needs
  • Review of your design
  • Review of your quotes or contracts
  • Contract assistance
  • Sourcing and managing all contractors, consultants & vendors
  • Resource planning
  • Assisting Council permits
  • Managing the timeline, costs and delivery