Sparkle Homes

Sparkle Homes is a name that originated from a 51 year old legacy of trust and goodwill. A venture from the renowned Nettikadan Group which has been promoting unique and innovative infrastructural projects since 1992, Sparkle Homes offers projects that are beautiful living spaces and investment opportunities.

Our Values

The Group believes in following ethical practice and statutory guidelines that help frame relationships with its customers, suppliers and other associates.

  • A commitment to Integrity - To do the right thing always
  • A spirit of caring - Genuine kindness and concern for others
  • A focus on continuous improvement - Always trying to do better
Our Mission

Sparkle Homes aims to build an outstanding living environment for its patrons so that their lifestyles evolve par expectation.

Our Vision

Sparkle Homes sees its future in sustainable development whereby the company progresses while conserving the environment and caring for the community.

The Future Outlook

The Sparkle Homes is making greater investment in real estate sectors to grow in stature and repute. With these new developments, the Group will contribute significantly to the fulfillment of its core objective of innovation and excellence in various sectors.