Sparkle Homes

Sparkle Homes is a name that originated from a 51 year old legacy of trust and goodwill. A venture from the renowned Nettikadan Group which has been promoting unique and innovative infrastructural projects since 1992, Sparkle Homes offers projects that are beautiful living spaces and investment opportunities.

Buying Tips

    The first step towards buying a property starts from being able to identify the one that suits your needs and fits your budget. It is important to select the property depending on following criteria:
  • Location of Site
  • While choosing the location, you need to keep the following parameters in mind like proximity to the main roads, bus stops, metro station, transportation services, civic amenities like educational institutions, park, police station, temples, community hall, hospitals within reach.

  • Affordability
  • Does the location fit your budget?

  • Place of work
  • How far is your office from the desired location?

  • Market place
  • Where is the nearest market?

  • School
  • Where is the nearest school?

  • Public transport
  • Are buses/trains easily available from the location?

  • Builder
  • Does the builder have a good reputation in the market?

  • Availability of water and electricity
  • Is there a steady supply of both?

  • Residential/ commercial
  • Commercial areas face traffic jams during working hours and level of noise is rather high